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Name:  Classic Controller For Nintendo Wii Remote Uk Seller
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Brand New
Classic Controller For Nintendo Wii Remote
This Classic Controller is designed to enhance Nintendo Wii Gaming, ergonomic design enable you to enjoy your favorite Wii games and to fit in the palm of your hands for easy gaming.
It features twin analog sticks and an 8 Way directional D pad.
This wired gamepad connects to the Wii remote control (not the console) and is an excellent solution to improve your Wii gaming.  The blends elements from the controllers for the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Nintendo 64 allows seamless control when playing the titles on the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console.
Product features:
Brand New
Non OEM Product
Turbo dual analog sticks
8 way digital D-pad
Work with any game requiring classic controller
Cable length: 1100cm
Colour: White
Directly plugs into the Wii Remote

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