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Name:  Professional Cleaning Pen for Camera Lens
 Product NO:  Scot-D43
 Stock:  YES
 Condition:  New
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Brand New
Professional Design
Camera Lens Cleaning Pens
 New Stock Returned Ready
This Camera Lens Cleaning Pen is the perfect solution for photographers who require a compact cleaning package suitable for all lenses and filters. Featuring a carbon cleaning tip; the head is retractable and offers a risk-free, effective method to remove smudges, fingerprints and grime from lens elements and filters. The unique cleaning head flexes and bends to offer a perfect connection with the lens surface at all angles.
A fully retractable dry brush is on the other end of the cleaning pen; manufactured from the softest fibres it offers an unbeatable solution to remove dust from all parts of equipment. Don't risk scratching your precious camera equipment or expensive filters by using this professional design gear
Product Features:
Brand New
Carbon based Safe for all lens
No damage to the the lens
Self replenishing Lenspen tip
High quality retractable lens cleaning brush
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