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Name:  55mm Massa CPL Filter Fit Canon Nikon Fuji Pantek Fuji
 Product NO:  Scot-D50
 Stock:  YES
 Condition:  New
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Brand New
55mm MASSA CPL Filter
Fit Canon Nikon Fuji Pantek Fuji
The Circular Polarizer Fliter (CPL) use to remove / reduce unwanted reflections from non-metllicsurface such as water glass etc., darkens blue sky while increasing colour saturation, it enable colour to become more saturated and appears clearer with much better contrast.
This MASSA CPL filters manufactured from the finest solid optical glass and are ground and polished to the most practical thinness. The filters are heat-treated to avoid any distortion or focal shief
Product Features:
Brand New in box with crystal case
Top quality
Fit SLR camera / digital camera / camcorder DV with a 55mm diameter lens
Double threaded allows hood screw on
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