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Name:  JJC-E3 5 in1 Remote control Canon 450D RC-1 WL-DC10 PC
 Product NO:  Scot-D27
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 Condition:  New
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Brand New

Professional Design

JJC-E3 5 in 1 IR Wireless Remote Control  For Nikon Canon Pentax Minolta

This Infra Red Wireless Remote Control acts as a wireless shutter release capable of instantly triggering the shutter without disturbing the camera. Used for Self-portraits and for operating the camera remotely.


100% Compatible to:


D80, D70S, D70, D50, 8400, 8800, Pronea S,

F75, F65, F55, N65, N75,

150ED,140ED,130ED,110S, Nuvis S, Lite Touch.etc


EOS 450D(Rebel XSi), EOS 400D(Rebel XTi), EOS 350D(Rebel XT), EOS 300D, EOS 30/33/30V,

EOS 50/55, EOS kissIII, EOS kissIIIL,EOS 100,

EOS 10, EOS 300V, EOS 300X, 300VQD,


ELAN7, Rebel T1 Date,Rebel T2 Date, Z180u,

Z155, 120, 370Z, 370Z,Z3

Power Shot Pro 1,G1,G2,G3,G5,G6,S1 IS,S70*,S60*,Pro 90 IS.etc


*istDS2, *istDS, *istDL2, *istDL, *istD, K100D,K100D super,K110D, K200D, K10D,K20D,K-M

Optio S6/S60,Optio S5z/S5n/S5i, Optio S4i/S4, Optio SV/SVi,

Optio 550/555,Optio 750z,?Optio 330/430[rs], *ist, MZ-6,MZ-L,ZX-L.etc


DiMAGE F100, DiMAGE F200,DiMAGE F300,DiMAGE A200,

DiMAGE S414, DiMAGE S404, DiMAGE S304,

/Dynax /Maxxum 5 Date, /Dynax /Maxxum?4 Date,/Dynax /Maxxum 3(L) Date,

/Dynax /Maxxum 40,/Dynax /Maxxum 50 Date,/Dynax /Maxxum 60,/Dynax /Maxxum 70,

Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 20,Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 75W,

Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 115

Date,Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 125 Date,

Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 130

Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 140/160(A),

Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 150 Date.etc



Product features:

   Brand New in original packing

   Operate by 1 x 3V CR2025 battery (included)

    Effective distrance: 16 feet

    Dimension: 85 x 40 x 6.8mm

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