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Name:  Lenkeng LKV7503W BNC to VGA Converter CCTV Camera
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Brand New Genuiun Lenkeng LKV7503W BNC / AV Compsite & S-Video
To VGA Converter
(New Model Support Wide Screen)
The Lenkeng FLY7503W-BNC Composite Video and S-Video to VGA Converter allows your DVR or CDD camera to be displayed on standard computer monitor, it turns the computer monitor or LCD into a CCTV monitor.
       It supports both normal 4:3 screen and16:9 &16:10 wide screen with output VGA resolution up to 1680x1050! It is suitable for connection of CCTV CDD Camera, DVR, to PC monitor. 3D video-processing tech is applied. The converted picture is rich in color and outputs at high definition without any distortion.
       The connection on the back of DVR and CDD camera is BNC female, which is to be connected to the BNC input of FLY7503W-BNC. The output video quality is better than the direct VGA output from DVR.

Product Features:
  • Composite Video Input Interface: BNC (The model with RCA interface is: FLY7503M & FLY7503W);
  • Inputs: 1 X Composite video, 1 X S-Video and 1 X VGA;
  • Output: 1 X VGA;
  • Switch between the 3 inputs to output any one of them to VGA;
  • The VGA input is pass through to the VGA output without any processing;
  • Both PAL / NTSC are supported;
  • It supports wide-screen LCD as well to cater for wider applications.
  • VGA Resolution: 800X600/60HZ, 800X600/75HZ, 1024X768/60HZ, 1280X720/60HZ, 1440X900/60HZ, 1600X900/60HZ, 1680X1050/60HZ.
  • Lightness, hue, contrast, saturation, color, etc. adjustable via button and auto-store when power off.
  • Composite video and S-video are up-scaled to 1680x1050 and 3D Video-processing tech is applied to make output picture more vivid:

Note: LENKENG is capable of offering OEM & ODM service, as per cutomer design.

Connection Image
Interface Specification
(1)VGA Out: To connect VGA display (Computer monitor or LCD)
(2)Video In: To connect BNC composite video devices (e.g. CDD Camera, DVR, etc.)
(3)S-video In: To connect S-Video devices (e.g. DVD, STB, etc.)
(4)VGA In: To connect PC host
(5)DC 5V: To connect power supply
(6)LED Indication

(1)Input: Switch between input sources Composite Video>>S-VIDEO>>VGA
(2)Menu: Click once to adjust lightness, contrast , saturation and hue.
(3)Freeze/+ and (4)Resolution/-
-Under BRI Menu, "Freeze/+": increase value of lightness; ” Resolution/-" : decrease value of lightness.
-Under "CON" Menu, ” Freeze/+" : increase value of contrast; "Resolution/-" : decrease value of contrast
-Under "COL" Menu, ” Freeze/+" : increase value of saturation, "Resolution/-" : decrease value of saturation
-Under "HUE" Menu, ” Freeze/+" : increase value of hue; ” Resolution/-" : decrease value of hue
-When menu is closed, Press : “Freeze/+" to freeze output display video;
- When menu is closed: Press: "Resolution/-" to select output resolution;
Press "Input" and "Resolution/-" at the same time: Default Setting.
(5)Wide Screen: Click it to switch between normal 4:3 screen and wide screen output.

Accessories & Package
Item Qty Pic
S-video cable 1 pcs  
Power supply 1 pcs  
User manual 1 pcs  
VGA cable 1 pcs  

Package Info:

  Weight (KG) Dimension (LxWxH cm)
Product 0.09 10X6.1X2.6
Gift Box (1pcs with accessories and gift box) 0.4 20.5X15.5X7
Carton Box (20pcs) 11 43X33X37
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